April Gigs, Mini Tour to Asheville, Germany & England Dates

Hello lovely Roamin’ Jasmine fans! Happy April! Just wanted to update you all with our upcoming gigs for the month, including 3 out-of-town dates going up to Asheville, NC and back.

  • Sunday April 2nd 7:30-10:30pm @ Bacchanal Wine

  • Wednesday April 5th 4:30-7:30pm @ Trenasse Restaurant (@ Intercontinental Hotel)

  • Wednesday April 5th 9-10pm @ Private event on Cruise Ship Amadea

  • Friday April 7th 5-8pm @ Buffa’s Restaurant

  • Saturday April 8th 1:00-2:00pm @ Louisiana Music Factory (in-store)

  • Sunday April 9th 7:30-10:30pm @ Bacchanal Wine

  • Thursday April 13th 7-10pm @ The Maison

  • Saturday April 15th 7-9pm @ Fritzel’s European Jazz Club

  • Sunday April 16th 4-7pm @ The Maison & 7:30-10:30 @ Bacchanal Wine

  • Thursday April 20th @ Southbound Smokehouse, Augusta, GA

  • Friday April 21st 7pm @ Isis Music Hall, Asheville, NC

  • Saturday April 22nd 2pm @ Creature Comforts Brewing, Athens, GA

  • Sunday April 23rd 1-4pm @ The Maison & 5-8pm @ Private Event

  • Thursday April 27th 4:30-7pm @ Bacchanal Wine

  • Saturday April 29th 7-9pm @ Fritzel’s European Jazz Club

  • Sunday April 30th 7:30-10:30pm @ Bacchanal Wine

    And here’s our updated UK/Germany Tour Dates, with the **’s for dates we could use some help finding a gig:

  • UK 2017 Tour Dates:


    •June 8th @ Lockengelot, Hamburg

    •June 9th @ Lindy Hop, Leipzig

    •June 10th @ TBA, Germany**

    •June 11th @ Crack Bellmer, Berlin

    •June 12th @ Bluesfest, Ingolstadt

    •June 13th @ Die Blaue Stunde, Berlin


    •June 16 @ Jamboree, Limehouse, London

    •June 17th @ The American Museum, Bath

    •June 18th @ Middlewich FAB festival

    •June 19th @ Caledonia, Liverpool

    **•June 20th-21st @ Your local pub near Leeds?? Anywhere between Liverpool and Scarborough??**

    •June 22nd @ Woodend Gallery, Scarborough

    •June 23rd @ The Howlin’ Wolf, Glasgow

    •June 24th @ Swing LTD, Glasgow

    •June 25th @ TBA, Glasgow

    •June 26 @ Private event, Edinburgh (email me for the details!)

    •June 27th @ Shenoo, Glasgow

    **•June 28th @ TBA**

    •June 29th @ The Golden Lion, Bristol

    •June 30th @ Green Note, London

    •July 1-2nd Maverick festival in Suffolk

    •July 3rd @ The Blues Kitchen, London

    •July 4th @ Railway Inn, Billingshurst

    •July 5th @ What’s Cookin, London