Taylor Smith and The Roamin' Jasmine

Hot New Orleans music

to make you dance!

Upcoming gigs:

Tour POster 2018.jpg

Here are the dates!:

  • Wednesday June 27th @ The Blues Kitchen, London, UK

  • Thursday June 28th @ Servants Jazz Quarters, London, UK

  • Friday June 29th @ The Canteen, Bristol, UK

  • Saturday June 30th @ Square & Compass, Dorset, UK

  • Sunday July 1st @ Railway Inn, Billingshurst, UK

  • Monday July 2nd @ The Verdict Jazz Club, Brighton, UK

  • Tuesday July 3rd @ Green Note, London, UK

  • Wednesday July 4th @ Woodend Gallery, Scarborough, UK

  • Thursday July 5th @ Lindy Hop at Kommunity, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

  • Friday July 6th @ MacSorley's, Glasgow, UK

  • Saturday July 7th @ Swing LTD, Glasgow, UK

  • Sunday July 8th @ Glasgow Shag Fest, Glasgow, UK

  • Tuesday July 10th (Crashing somewhere in Belgium?)

  • Wednesday July 11th @ De Melkbus, Dordrecht, NL

  • Thursday July 12th, @ Rhinestage, Neuss, DE

  • Friday July 13th @ Lindy Hop Leipzig, Leipzig, DE

  • Sunday July 15th @ Crack Bellmer, Berlin, DE

  • Monday July 16th @ Bluesfest, Ingolstadt, DE

  • Monday July 17th (probably crashing in Hamburg)

  • Wednesday July 18th @ Lockengeloet, Hamburg, DE

  • Thursday July 19th @ Boreal, Kassel, DE

  • Friday July 20th @ Brasserie Le Terminus, Sarreguemines, FR

  • Saturday July 21st @ T'Oude Pothuys, Utrecht, NL

  • Sunday July 22nd @ Rosenknopje, Eindhoven, NL

  • Monday July 23rd @ Brasserie Lorraine, Bern, CH

  • Tuesday July 24th @ La Galicienne, Lausanne, CH

  • Wednesday July 25th @ Campagna, Belp, CH

  • Thursday July 26th @ Parkonia Festival, Bern, CH

  • Friday July 27th @ Schüür, Luzern, CH